There’s something about removing piles of broken branches, ripped-up pieces of carpet, and empty food containers that feels good. Probably, the fact that nothing compares to finding your home neat and tidy again. That’s why debris and furniture removal are necessary tasks for homeowners.

But just because they’re necessary doesn’t mean they have to do it themselves. With a junk removal company like Junk Jungle, you can finally have the clean, organized home you’ve always wanted. Call us today and get ready to declutter your home!




Get Your Space Back In Order

Getting rid of old furniture is always difficult. There are probably some chairs or a dinner table hidden somewhere in your house because they’ve seen better days. What do you do with them? Junk Jungle brings the solution!


Selling them or giving them takes away time you don’t have. With our furniture removal service, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We’ll come to your home, haul away every item you wish to get rid of, and make it disappear instantly from your life. You can leave it to us to make the right choice about how to properly dispose of them.

Trust Your Home To A Hard-Working Team

At Junk Jungle, we pride ourselves on our hard-working team. We guarantee that you’ll receive the best cleanup service, from the moment you contact us until we fulfill our activities.


We’re always there when you need us, ready to lend a helping hand. We’ll work as fast as possible to ensure that the junk no longer disturbs your peace. You can explore our many services and find the one that exactly fits your needs, from furniture removal to house and garage cleanout.

Let Us Take The Junk Off Of Your Hands

At Junk Jungle, we understand the emotional and physical toll that clutter can take on a person, so we’re dedicated to helping as many clients as possible reclaim their space. We strive to provide outstanding service at the most affordable price.

During our home visit, we’ll sort through the junk, remove anything you no longer want or need, and make your space look as clean as before. If you’re in Tempe, Arizona, or the surrounding area, call us today to deal with all your junk removal needs!