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How To Properly Cleanup Debris And Waste After a Storm

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Each year, in the United States, we suffer the consequences of tropical storms. With winds over 74 mph, it’s no surprise our homes end up with significant damage afterward. Now, besides having to deal with repairs, there’s also debris all over your front and backyard.

If you’ve been meaning to clean up the debris in your yard but haven’t had the chance, now is the time! Debris and waste can be dangerous if not cleaned up properly, so you must take care of this as soon as possible. That’s why we bring you tips on what to do!

The Challenge Of Cleaning After A Natural Disaster

Cleaning up your home after a natural disaster can feel like an impossible task. It’s hard to know where to start. The mess seems impossible, and the emotional toll can be overwhelming.

But in the weeks and months that follow, it’s important to take care of yourself and your home, finding ways to make the process easier.

What Do You Have To Do? 4 Simple Steps

Examine Your Surroundings

Walk around your property and look for debris. If there are downed wires, broken glass,  damaged gas lines, or structural damage, stay away and call for help. Once you’ve determined it’s safe to do so, start clearing debris from your yard.

Take The Necessary Gear Precautions

Debris and waste are strewn everywhere, so cleaning up can be difficult and messy. Be sure to wear the right equipment. Gloves, masks, long sleeves, sturdy shoes, and eye protection are all essential.

Ask For Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or need to move heavy objects, don’t try to do it yourself. Ask friends and family for help. They can lend a hand with debris and waste removal and provide emotional support during this difficult time.

Create A Disposal Plan

After a storm, it’s important to create a disposal plan for the waste left behind. That way, when the storm is over, you know exactly who to call and what to do. While some of this debris may be able to be cleaned up by city workers or volunteers, much of it will need to be removed by a professional junk removal company, especially dangerous and heavy items or debris.

Get Your Property Back To Normal After A Storm

No one likes dealing with the aftermath of a storm. Debris and waste are everywhere, and it can be overwhelming to try cleaning it up on your own. That’s where Junk Jungle cleanup services come in.

We’re a junk removal company specializing in debris and waste removal after storms. We’ll come in and quickly get your property cleaned up so you can feel things going back to normal and free up time to care about other important after-storm damage.



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